Staging an ITTF World Tour tournament is his goal. In the foreseeable future it is a reality and he’ll give Table Tennis Canada no peace until it happens.

Flourishing Club
Born in Canton, Harvey Fung moved to the Toronto area in 1980, in 2007 he opened the now flourishing table tennis club; an area of some 7,000 square feet being originally available to host 20 table tennis tables.

Later in 2009, the space was increased to 25,000 square feet to accommodate 43 tables. The growth was made possible following assistance from the Canadian Action Plan, one aspect of the government policy being to promote recreational opportunities.

Three Groups
We have three basic groups who come to play, explained Harvey Fung. The retired, those at work and children; our oldest member is 90 years old, our youngest is five years old, I would say about 60 per cent of members are Chinese but we do have members who originate from Japan and Europe.

Certainly there was a splendid atmosphere in the hall with a wide range of activity being enacted.

Personal coaching taking place, alongside veteran players whose competitive desire was as strong as ever; notably in one area, the table tennis tables had been pushed against the wall to creates space for a women’s aerobic session.

Healthy Lifestyle
Everybody here is smiling; table tennis makes you happy and healthy, added Harvey Fung. A healthy lifestyle, we save the government money!

Enjoying playing table tennis is the order of proceedings but in addition there are sessions allocated to competitions and in the past the venue has been the home for major events.
The Canadian Chinese Table Tennis Center hosted the 2013 Canadian Junior and Cadet Open as well as the Canadian Qualification event for the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Looking Ahead
A non-profit making organisation, self-financed by membership fees and with a bright future.

In the fall of 2016 we anticipate we will have new premises nearby, I had a phone call last night to confirm that everything is progressing well, said Harvey Fung. We will have a venue that is 40 metres wide, 88 metres long and 30 feet high; we will still be the CCTTA but will be the Canadian Community Table Tennis Association.

The land that has been made available belongs to the major developer in the area, the Remington Company; they will lease the building to the Canadian Community Table Tennis Association.

Butterfly Club
Excited, for Harvey Fung, Christmas Day has arrived; it’s just for him it’s every day of the year. He is grateful for the support afforded by the Remington Company and for that of Tony Kiesenhofer, the Chief Executive Officer of Table Tennis Canada.

Also, he is grateful for the support received from one other company.

We are a Butterfly club, stressed Harvey Fung. They are the best!

ITTF World Tour
A Butterfly club and an ambitious club; Harvey Fung has no doubts about the future.

An ITTF World Tour Tournament at the centre, he stressed with boundless enthusiasm. We will have the conditions to meet all the requirements needed for a top class high level tournament.

One fact is certain, Harvey Fung is a man of his word, he is the type of person who finds a way, he does not look for the easy answer, there is not a negative bone in his body. He is positive, he will give Tony Kiesenhofer no rest, no peace until it happens; book the dates now!

Challenge Series in 2018, Major Series in 2019, Super Series in 2020?

By: Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor