Sophia Sun 416-318-6783
Sophia Sun

Former member of the TT Youth Team of China.  Member of Provincial TT Team, Liaoning, China.  World Youth TT Championship Tournament: 2nd Runner-up.  At various Chinese TT Tournaments: 1st Runner-up, 4th and 5th places.  Experienced coach in table tennis.

Shirley Zhou 647-271-1219 or
Shirley Zhou

Canada Certified Coach License.  Dominican National team Coach & Player.  Former Member of Jiangxi Provincial Team Player.  Single, Double & Team Champions at St. Vincent Table Tennis Open 2002.  Third Place of Carribean Championship 2003 Third Place of Canada Cup, Vancouver, 2005.  Third Place of Canada Cup, Ottawa, 2005.

Vicky 647-528-8058

Former member of Jiangxi Provincial table Tennis Team.  Former member of Chinese National Table Tennis Team.  Former Coach of Taiwan Secondary Schools.  Second Runner-up of Chinese National Junior Table Tennis Tournament in 1993.  Team Champion of Vietnamese International Tournament in 1993.  Fifth in Chinese National City Athletic Meets (single) 1995.  First Single Runner-up in European Invitational Tournament 1999

Diana Zhu 647-966-8868
Diana Zhu

Former Member of Chinese National Team.  Former Member of Canadian National Team.  First Asian Junior Women Team Champion.  Champion of Women Singles in 4th Asian Cup,  Champion of Women Team & Women Double in 1895 Scandinavian Cup.  Champion of Women Ream & Women Tournament.  First Runner Up Single in US Open.  Champion of 94 & 95 French League

May Tong 647-989-1392
May Tong

Central Canada open t.t pioneers women’s singles winner.  Canada cup open winner.  North America open winner in women’s double/mixed double.  Commonwealth open: 2nd runner-up.  European open: 1st runner-up in women’s double.  4 times Canadian mixed double national champion.  3 times Canadian women’s double national champion.  3 times Ontario’s Player of the Year.  4 times Canadian women’s singles national runner-up

Grace Guo 647-838-9993
Grace Guo

2nd at 2008 Canadian National Championship.  2004 China Civil Games Runner-up.  Champion oat 1995 China National University Championship.  1987 China “RongGuoTuan” Cup Runner-up.  1986 & 1987 China Provincial Games champion.  Canada NCCP & CAO Certificate Coach.  Ontario ECA Certification

Li Qin 647-836-8138
Li Qin

Former TT Player, Guangzhou Sports Institute, China.  Full-Time Coach of CCTTA

Coach Liu 647-271-1230
Coach Liu

1973-1980 Chinese national Team.  1980-1985 Coach of Hunan Provincial Team.  1986-1990 Coach & Player of Hong Kong Team Participated in 34th World Championship, World Cup Championship in 1988, 24th Olympics in 1988 and the 40th World Championship in 1989.  Awards: Champion of Men’s Double, Third in Mixed Double at the 4th National Athlete Meet in 1979.  8th Ranking in Men’s Single, World Cup Championship 1988.  Mixed Double Champion at the 9th Commonwealth Championships 1989.  Hong Kong Champion in 1986 and 1988

Sheng Xi 647-200-5228
Sheng Xi

Certified TT Coach and Referee of China.  Former provincial TT player of Jiangsu, China.  Coach of China TT Second Team, Jiangsu provincial team, Shantung provincial TT Team, Shantou Municipal TT Team, Hubei provincial TT Team, Shanghai Municipal TT Team and many other municipal and provincial teams in China.  Experienced in training professional TT player.

Amil Ali 416-949-2645
Amil Ali

Coach at CIG Community Center in Pickering, Ontario, since 2003.  Trained by Asian Champion, Japanese coach Toshika Furukawa (former Asian Champion in 70’s).  Trained by Arif Khan (66th World ranking 1986).  Top Five Pakistan Player in late 1990’s.  High Position ranking in GTA