Table-Tennis (Ping-Pong) is the most popular sport in China. In other parts of the world, ping-pong is also one of the fastest growing sports in the Chinese community. Over the past decade, the flow of Chinese immigrants to the Greater Toronto Area has increased the need for the higher levels of competitive table-tennis skills and better facilities.

Ping-Pong is suitable for all ages. It is a sport that requires mind, vision and physical co-ordination. This is a healthy sport that has been adopted by various ethnic groups in Canada.

In 2005, a few table-tennis enthusiasts gathered together and decided to form a ping-pong sport club. With the invaluable assistance of many volunteers, they pooled their money and precious time to set up an association in order to meet the increasing numbers of ping-pong players and the demand for an international standardized Table-Tennis Center. As a result, the Canadian Community Table Tennis Association (CCTTA) was founded on Oct 1st 2006.



CCTTA is a non-profit sport association. It welcomes people of all ages from various ethnic groups to play ping-pong under one roof. The primary goals of CCTTA are to promote social harmony and unity, to build friendship among ethnic groups, to strengthen personal health and to raise the table-tennis sport to a higher recognizable level.

In less than four years, CCTTA has established a permanent home in the City of Markham. There are 35 tournament tables in this well-lit 15,000 square feet wood-floored standard Sport Center. A modern electrical retractable spectator stand was also installed for international tournaments. The Sport Centre is open to the public all year round.

CCTTA is fully supported by Canadian governments at various levels, the Chinese Consulate in Toronto, and the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office, Toronto. CCTTA is also recognized by the Canadian Table-Tennis Association and the Ontario Table-Tennis Association. In addition, CCTTA receives support and sponsorship from various business groups, organizations and individuals.

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Since 2006, CCTTA has registered over 600 members and received thousands of guests and visitors. Regular weekly in-house competitions are designed to raise the skill level among members. CCTTA did organize a series of provincial and national tournaments in the past couple of years. The 2007 International Tournament “Hong Kong Cup” was a tremendous accomplishment in Canadian Table-Tennis history. It celebrated the Tenth Anniversary of Hong Kong SAR returning to the Chinese sovereignty. Teams from China, Hong Kong, USA, Canada, Shantung provincial Nunun, China were invited to participate in the first ever successful tournament held in Canadian soil.

The year 2009 marked the 60th anniversary of the founding of People Republic of China. CCTTA has successfully achieved organizing a Sino-Canadian tournament in September that drew attention and support from three levels of Canadian governments, community and business leaders and thousands of ping-pong fans. CCTTA has gained valuable experience organizing international tournaments that have raised Canadian Table-Tennis players to be more competitive at international level.

In 2010, CCTTA continues to work hard to arrange more international Table-Tennis Open. To celebrating the 40th anniversary of the official Sino-Canadian relationship, CCTTA plans to invite Table-Tennis Teams from Japan, Hong Kong SAR, Canada and Guangdong province, China, to compete in the “Sino-Canadian 40th Anniversary Cup”. We aim at moving forward to promote table-tennis sport in Canada and more importantly, to provide opportunities for young players to become the Star of Tomorrow.